Catch Me on a Better Day

It’s not a bad day really, it’s just the amount of work I have to do, combined with my extreme laziness. The spring is finally here, that’s for certain, but it doesn’t do me any good when I have to sit inside. Luckily there are only few days left and then I’m out.

Can’t wait to see my Mr. Darcy again.

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Lead Me Astray

So many things to do and yet being so bored. Whenever there are things I have to do, I try to come up with something more important, be it as icky as cleaning or whatever. Sometimes, somehow, I manage to spend the whole day doing absolutely nothing and wonder where the time goes, and at the same time hoping it was already the next week. I’m convincing myself that being so late at night there’s no point starting studying, so I might just as well play some games or chat for a while.

After a bottle of wine, it all seems to be just.. vague? My widget has the wrong words for Travis! Anyway, being bored doesn’t mean I don’t have things to do but I have things to do I wish I didn’t. And that’s why I’d rather do something else. I just don’t know what. Friendships on the edge, I stay home and wonder how we used to be. What we used to do. How I’m bored.

Listening at the people outside going places, looking at the empty bottle, wondering what the hell is going on in my life, I can’t help but feel shattered. Everything changed in a few days, and from little things it all became a huge mess that nobody wants to have part in. Nobody is willing to give in. I was but then saw how the other behaved. This is not up to me anymore, I’m out. If not forgotten, I’ve forgiven, and willing to play friends again.

Try me.

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Close your eyes and sleep

I’m finding comfort in music again. I wonder if my life has been so hectic that I have not had time to set back and just listen. I’m floating away..

It’s supposed to be spring but it’s raining.. slush! It’s certainly not helping me to get rid of this cold. People should have the right to stay home when it rains/slushes(?) if they want. All in favour? I don’t mind rain, or even slush, but I’d rather stay inside.

Perhaps the sun that keeps peeking through the slushy rain is trying to tell me not to give up on spring yet. Never been an optimist but at the moment I’m willing to see something good here. In few weeks I’m free of my obligations (though only to have different ones) and I’m feeling quite good about the way things are going. Many things uncertain but many clearer than ever. I know now where I need to be and what to do.

So that everyone can see.

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New Waves

Decided to create an entirely new blog, and in doing so, start a new phase in my life. Not forgetting the past but open the eyes for something new. Hoping to be a better blogger in the future, though not being too hasty at it.

We’ll see.

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